True Love and Soulmates; Do They Really Exist?!


Αγάπη: (a-ga-pe) Greek word for Love

What is True Love?

True love is finding the one person amongst all the others; the one person that you connect to like nobody else, the one that understands you, supports and accepts you for who you truly are, including all your faults.

True love is the person who will love you no matter what. No matter what you’ve done in the past, because your past simply does not matter to them. It‘s that person who will understand your needs and will accept your personality and all of your faults. They will not try to change you, because they know that it won’t work. And even if it would work, it would not be the same person they fell in love with.

They will be honest with you at all times. They will tell you what they really think, no matter how hard it may sound because they know it’s for your own good.

They will support you through the good times; they will celebrate with you during your successes and prepare you for the next ones. They will also support you through the bad times too; they will be your shoulder to cry on when you need one. They will cheer you up when you need to be cheered up. They will give you the confidence to NOT give up but stand back on your feet and move on. They will do that even if they do not completely understand the reasons behind your motives, or even if they do not ultimately agree with you. But they will be there. They will do that even if that means that they’d have to let you go. Because letting go of the one person you love the most, in order for them to find themselves and chase their dreams, even if it means that they’ll have to be happy without you, THAT my friend, is true love.

That is true love. And true love can be found between husband and wife, between mother or father and daughter and even between friends.


 Do We Only Get To Have One Soulmate Through Our Existence On This Planet?

I do believe in soulmates. However, I do not believe that there is only one soulmate for us out there; our other half. Universe, God, or whatever you wanna call it, did not create us to be half and in search of our other half. We are complete in body, mind and soul and all we are looking for souls that are on the same wavelength as we are.

I, personally, have two soulmates. My dog is my soulmate, because he looks me in the eyes and we connect. There is true love there.

My best friend is my soulmate. She connects with me on a level that nobody else can. She knows the way I am thinking and what I am thinking before I even open my mouth. She knows when I’m sad, happy, confused or troubled with something when I am trying my best to hide it from the world. She’s 100% supportive and 1000% honest with me at all times. She knows what’s best for me and she does not appreciate when I’m being mistreated. I’m her “yin” and she’s my “yang”. We are two totally different people but somehow we complete each other perfectly.

After all, if there is really only one soulmate for everyone, I know I have found mine. But trust me on this one. We meet so many people throughout our existence, that there is no possibility that you connect perfectly only with one. It’s all about chemistry and the energy that our souls put out in the universe. So if you haven’t found yours yet, don’t give up. It is out there and it is trying to find you too.


How Do I Find True Love?

Unfortunately, there is no manual in love. No instructions or guidelines on how and where to search for it. My advice; DON’T! What’s meant to be for you, will always be yours in the end. Focus on yourself. Focus on making yourself happy, on doing things that fulfill your soul. Universe will always find a way to bring love to you if that is what you are truly looking for. So, do not overthink it.

I know people think that they need to be with someone in order to feel complete and happy. But that is not at all the truth. You are complete. You are full. You just need to get out there and LIVE. After all, love is out there too. It’s not going to come knocking on your door (unless your soulmate was your neighbor all along)!

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