My Healthy Breakfast



Yeahh I really wish that was my photo!!!

And no, I am usually NOT a healthy eater. My food preferences are the worst and they are so limited. However, I am really trying to change that. I am working out quite regularly and my eating habits have changed quite a lot. I am doing my best anyways. So this is what I eat for breakfast. I am trying not to think about the calories, but instead eat as healthier meals as possible.

The most common thing I eat for breakfast is cereals. Of course…

I eat one, almost full, bowl of Fitness cereals with whole grain oatmeal and chocolate (they are the best), and I combine it with Almond milk instead of regular milk. Almond milk has 24 calories per 100ml. It is crazy. And it is so much healthier than regular milk.

My second choice would be two fried or scrambled eggs (depending on my mood) with one glass of Almond chocolate milk. This thing is amazing. It is soo tasty and it has only 47 calories per glass. There’s no way you can say no to it. Yummy!!!

My last choice would be a regular sandwich with whole grain bread, cheese and smoked gluten free turkey. Healthy enough! I combine that with a glass of fresh orange juice.

I would love reading some of your tips for healthy eating. Leave me a comment with your ideas and preferences!



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