Hairburst Vitamins


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Photo Credits: HairBurst

Hey guys!

I decided to make a post about my hair vitamins, since they have helped my hair a lot.

So, before I begin, I need to say that Hairburst is a British brand, which specializes in natural supplements for hair growth. It started with making only one type of hair vitamins (capsules) and now it also has chewable hair vitamins, a series of shampoo and conditioner and an organic argan oil, all for hair growth.

So regarding my hair..I started dying my hair 5 years ago and haven’t stopped since then, and as my hair is very thin, you understand that they are pretty damaged.

I first purchased the Hairburst capsule vitamins 2 years ago and took them for 4 straight months. My hair actually grew longer. They usually don’t grow fast, but with those vitamins there was an actual difference.

I stopped taking them after that, and I re-purchased them 3 months ago. Only this time I bought the chewable ones. They are heart shaped and they taste like gummies, so it’s easier to take them, and definitely more enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 22.15.17

Truth is that you won’t see a difference by taking them for only a month. You have to take them for at least 3 months and you have to be consistent, if you want to see real results.

They are quite affordable and they also come in sets for 3 or 6 months. This way you save a little money.

You can find more information about them and order them here.

You can also see before and after photos on their website and here!

Again, this is not an advertising post, it is just my opinion, which I’m sharing with you.

I hope you find it helpful!



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