Makeup Revolution Oval Brushes Review


Makeup-Revolution-Precision-oval-brushesPhoto Credit: Beautifie

Hey guys!

I just recently bought this set of brushes by Makeup Revolution. I am always purchasing stuff from them on TAM Beauty and they just came out with these Oval brushes. This is a set of three and it’s the Contour Set.

Truth is I am only using the two big ones. I use the biggest one for applying foundation and it is pretty amazing. When I bought them, my expectations were not very high since most of Oval brushes in the market are very expensive and those were pretty inexpensive. I had never tried any Makeup Revolution brushes before, so I didn’t have any experience with them. Note: these are the first Oval Brushes I have ever used.

Makeup Revolution Oval Brush Set

But when I tried them I completely changed my mind. The Pro Precision Brush Oval Face (the big one), is my favourite. It applies foundation so smoothly. It is very soft, it blends foundation so easily and it doesn’t absorb any product. Honestly, I love it.

The other two, the Pro Precision Brush Oval Cheek (medium one) and the Pro Precision Brush Oval Shape (small one), I haven’t been using on a daily basis. I use the medium one for contouring my face and it works really well, too. The small one you can use for highlighting or concealer.

You can purchase them separately or in sets. I think it’s better buying them in a set, because you get to try more of them and you also save some money. You can find all of them here!

This post is in no way an advertising post. It is my genuine opinion on the products and I am sharing it with you.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Oval Brushes? Have you tried any other Oval Brushes? Let me know!


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