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Last year was a really difficult year for me. I was struggling with acne because of a hormonal problem I had, and this bad guy here literally changed my life. When I first started using it I realised I wasn’t cleaning my face right all this time.

I wear makeup almost everyday day which means that taking off my makeup is a really important process for me. Before this brush, I was using my hands to clean my face. I had seen many YouTubers using it and saying many good things about it, so I decided it to try it myself. When I started using it I saw the difference it made on my face. It felt a lot more cleaner and smoother.

You can test it yourself. Use your toner and a cotton pad on your face after cleaning it with your hands and after using a brush. You will see that there is makeup residue left on your face when you only use your hands.

I have been using it for 7 months now on a daily basis and I have seen a huge difference on my face. My acne is completely gone and my marks have faded a lot. Of course, this is not the only thing that has helped my face. There are other products in combination to this brush, that have helped me achieve this result.

The Ultimate Skin Spa brush is quite inexpensive, in comparison to other brushes and comes in a set with three brush heads. One cleansing brush head for sensitive skin and two exfoliating ones. You are supposed to replace the head after three months, but I have noticed that it is okay using it for a longer period than that.

This is not an advertising post in any way. It is my personal opinion on this product, after using it for such a long time. It is the first cleansing brush I am using, so I cannot express my opinion on any other. The reason for this post, is that many girls and women are suffering from acne and as I used to have the same problem, I am sharing my way of dealing with it. But even if you are not dealing with such problems, using a brush is definitely way better for your face.

It originally retails for $125, but you can buy it for 70% off like I did, through Val Mercado’s link on her YouTube channel, here.

Have you ever used this or any other cleansing brush? What did you think? Let me know!


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